Cybersecurity for HR Practitioners - Cyber Security Projects - South Africa®
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Cybersecurity for HR Practitioners


The human resources (HR) function has become integral to organizational cyber risk management
in recent years. HR’s increased involvement is due to a convergence of factors, including: a more
active regulatory environment, the pervasive use of technology and devices in employees’ work,
and recognition of the importance of a strong organizational cybersecurity culture. Employees’ data
and security practices are critical determinants of an organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.

HR professionals handle a lot of sensitive business data. Yet HR is not typically a primary owner or
driver of cyber risk management, as found in Marsh and Microsoft’s 2019 Global Cyber Risk
Perception Survey. The great majority (88%) of companies continue to delegate cyber risk first and
foremost to InfoSec/IT, followed by the C-suite, risk management, legal, and finance. This needs to
change. A strong partnership between InfoSec/ IT and HR is essential for managing data and
technology risk, particularly in a remote-working environment.


Our cyber security trainers are certified experts in the field. They possess many years of experience in researching, implementing and monitoring all manner of cyber threats.