Cybersecurity for Board and Executive - Cyber Security Projects - South Africa®
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Cybersecurity for Board and Executive


Advances in technology offer new opportunities, but also introduce new – and ever-changing – threats. Cyber risk and cybersecurity are a source of frustration for executives and Boards likewise who spend inordinate time and worry trying to protect their data from sophisticated phishing schemes, ransomware, state-sponsored hacking.

Given the massive potential costs to a company’s bottom line and reputation due to a data security breach, cybersecurity risk has become a permanent aspect of business risk that must be actively managed and integrated with business decision-making and processes. Oversight of cybersecurity risk management is now an integral component of good governance and must be a regular agenda item for boards of directors. To effectively protect the corporation from consequences of a loss of information assets, management and directors must build a constructive partnership.

Executives needs to understand that cybersecurity issues are not purely a technology problem—they are multi-headed hydras that need to be addressed with a multi-disciplinary approach to mitigate the cyber security threats organisations face on a daily basis. Getting ahead of hackers and other security risks requires the active engagement of non-technical management, as well as an overall commitment to building a cybersecurity culture within your enterprise. Evidence suggests that there may be a gap that exists between the magnitude of the exposure presented by cyber risks and the steps, or lack thereof, that many corporate boards have taken to address these risks


Our cyber security trainers are certified experts in the field. They possess many years of experience in researching, implementing and monitoring all manner of cyber threats.