Cyber Security Awareness Training Programme - Cyber Security Projects - South Africa®
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Cyber Security Awareness Training Programme


The “bread crumbs” of cyber security incidents and exposures are far more varied, distributed, and hidden than what can be captured by a single tool. It requires a multi-layered approach which includes increasing awareness of all stakeholders for effective cyber threat management. In today’s threat landscape, it is critical for your organization to create a vigilant culture where every employee is empowered to prevent and detect attacks, understand how to respond to security incidents and serve your customers in a secure and compliant manner.

A cyber-savvy workforce is more resistant to cyber threats than one where expertise is fragmented. A combined public and private effort to raise awareness, promote internationally agreed technical standards, and share best practices helps to bridge the gap between top-down, high-level policy guidance with experience across business sectors of companies that deal with cyber threats on a daily basis. Overall, cyber awareness and hygiene aims to inform and educate users and organisations on how best to mitigate cyber threats. Knowledge and skills should be shared and pooled among actors and sectors to ensure a sufficient level of understanding.
And in today’s media-rich and fast-paced environment, it’s imperative to train your organization with content that is engaging and can be easily assimilated.


Our cyber security trainers are certified experts in the field. They possess many years of experience in researching, implementing and monitoring all manner of cyber threats.